Tech4Lawyers believes in increasing access to the legal field by helping attorneys utilize products and methods that will make them more productive, more efficient, and more secure. Through this utilization law firms and individual attorneys will be able to decrease their fees while maintaining their overall margins. Effectively opening up legal services to the otherwise unserved.

As services like LegalZoom and RocketLawyer thrive, we can see there is an unmet need in the marketplace. By running your firm effectively, you decrease your overhead, increase your daily production, and likely expand your footprint to places beyond your current reach.

We aim to help you fully exploit your current technologies, and provide assistance in helping you expand your toolbox through Articles, Workshops, Tutorials, custom programming, and consultation. Feel free to join our mailing list to receive tips and updates directly to your inbox, or you can contact us directly to see how we can help your firm.


Obviously, an attorney and his or her staff do not want to work around the clock, but that shouldn’t mean that the office fully shuts down. Through the use of websites, we attempt to allow a user to learn information about our offices at any time. Why then shouldn’t we allow a client to interact with certain parts of our offices on their schedule. Incorporating payment portals into a website is a simple way of increasing our office’s productivity without increasing personnel’s workload.


As attorneys, we, and those who work in our offices, have many routine tasks that need to be accomplished daily. Although we know that not everything can be automated, by taking the time to create mechanisms for tasks on the front-end, an office can open its staff up to focusing on other tasks that may require a greater degree of finesse.

From simple solutions like using macros that import your letterhead into documents at the touch of a button, to implementing document creation software, a more efficient practice allows an attorney to serve more clients.


In order to take advantage of all that technology has to offer us, we must first verify that we are keeping our assets and our clients’ information secure. This does not, however, just mean securing our data from an outside actor who is looking to breach our system. We must also make sure that we are securing our assets and data from threats to their integrity and availability. Having a system in place to recover corrupted or lost data is just as important as making sure that your firewall is secure.