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Automatic Certificate of Service

As I imagine you know one of the biggest bang-for-your-buck efficiency tools for the modern office (or even the not-so-modern office) is the template. Pretty obvious, right? I’m not the first person to sing the template’s praises, and I’m certainly not the last. But if for some reason, you weren’t privy to this, you need […]

Email Encryption

Why aren’t you encrypting the email that you send to your clients? I mean, c’mon, at least the communications that contain legal advice and sensitive personal data. You wouldn’t let an unrelated third-party rifle through your file room each night, would you? That’d be ridiculous and unethical, and ridiculously unethical (or unethically ridiculous, I can’t […]

Style Themes for Legal Briefs (MS Word 2016)

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In this Quick-Tool Tutorial, we give you a way to consistently apply the same styles throughout all of your briefs, and create a Table of Contents in your document, with minimal (hopefully zero) edits. To do so, we will take an existing Theme (that I include as a download) and import it into your Microsoft Word for quick and easy use in your future documents at the push of a button.

The Value of Intuition

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Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Field I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me that Artificial Intelligence will take the job of a lawyer, I usually assume they don’t understand the legal industry. Sure, computers can replace some of the clerical tasks we do, but AI can’t competently replace a lawyer. It can’t […]

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