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Email Encryption

Why aren’t you encrypting the email that you send to your clients? I mean, c’mon, at least the communications that contain legal advice and sensitive personal data. You wouldn’t let an unrelated third-party rifle through your file room each night, would you? That’d be ridiculous and unethical, and ridiculously unethical (or unethically ridiculous, I can’t […]

Style Themes for Legal Briefs (MS Word 2016)

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In this Quick-Tool Tutorial, we give you a way to consistently apply the same styles throughout all of your briefs, and create a Table of Contents in your document, with minimal (hopefully zero) edits. To do so, we will take an existing Theme (that I include as a download) and import it into your Microsoft Word for quick and easy use in your future documents at the push of a button.

The Value of Intuition

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Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Field I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me that Artificial Intelligence will take the job of a lawyer, I usually assume they don’t understand the legal industry. Sure, computers can replace some of the clerical tasks we do, but AI can’t competently replace a lawyer. It can’t […]