Managing technology in your office

A big chunk of what we do here at Tech4Lawyers is help firms and attorneys make the most out of the technology they already have. Although we try to create helpful tutorials for those of you who are interested in things like creating an automatic certificate of service, we don’t expect everyone to have the time or the inclination to do it themselves. But, that shouldn’t mean that your firm misses out on the powerful tools at your disposal. We keep up-to-date with relevant legal office technology so you don’t have to. We write MS Word Macros to help expedite tedious repetitive tasks your office runs, build conditional formatting into Case Management system documents, and are generally available to help install, run, or manage standard software that you already have on your machines. We also have ways of helping you track your licenses and keep your office software as current as it needs to be.

Think Big; Think Efficient; Let’s Streamline Your Office

Tech Support

Our office provides telephonic, or remote technical support to attorneys and law offices related to the software and hardware they use in running their business for a monthly or hourly fee. Whether you’re having trouble setting up and maintaining your email accounts, or you can’t quite figure our why an error message keeps popping up when you open your Adobe Acrobat Reader, we’re here to help.




$150 for 3 hours

Automatic Document Creation

Many of us utilize Case Management software to keep track of our files, billing, and general office information. The majority of which allow for the user to set-up automatically filled forms and templates that they can then generate directly from their client files. These can be documents as simple as standard engagement contracts, and reset letters to clerks, all the way to automated personal injury complaints. These tools can not only be a time-saver for you and your office, but they can also help you, the attorney, control the creation and manipulation of all the documents generated in your office.

Although the majority of these systems are relatively standard and we are happy to help your office set-up documents in any application, we are very familiar with Clio, Practice Panther, Filevine, Simplicity, and JST Collectmax, to name a few. Go ahead and contact us to set-up a discovery call to see what we can do for you.

Template & Form Building

Whether you realize it or not, templates are the life-blood of a law office. You have them. You use them. And they save you time. Your office may not be using them in the most efficient manner possible, but they are there, at the very least, helping you copy and paste your way to a completed document. Which is why we spend so much time focusing on their creation and organization. (For Example)

The idea of a template, like a jig, is that if you take the time to set it up in the beginning, you’ll save yourself time in the long-run (obviously). But here, at Tech4Lawyers, we understand that some of us don’t have that original time to prepare for the next client, or you’ve simply brought on new staff and now you need to share these assets across multiple computers.

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