Responsible Technology

Our service offerings are curated specifically to assist the needs of law firms, legal non-profits, and legal institutions as they navigate the use of technology in their practices. Although we spend much time touting the benefits of implementing technology into your practice, we understand that these benefits cannot come at the cost of security, service, or ethical obligations. On the contrary, they need to make those portions of your practice easier and more efficient as well.

Connect with Clients

Your Firm’s Web Presence

Websites, web applications and internet marketing are not about making your firm look professional, tech-savvy, cool, or sharp. It’s about connecting with your clients where they communicate. We help attorneys create websites that not only operated as a billboard to the world, but as a virtual office space, working for you while your office is closed. From web applications that get your intake started to online payment processing, imagine your website being used for more than just SEO.

Website Design

Your firm website is more than just the online face of your company. It’s where your initial communication with clients usually begins. Don’t make this an administrative after thought. Confirm you are communicating effectively by using properly analytic tools and creating a holistic web presence design.

Web Applications

Web Applications are a great way to get more out of your websites. Whether you are looking to build an e-discovery system, set-up an online payment portal, or create a self-service appointment system for your trusted clients, we can get you started, assist as you go, or run the whole project ourselves.

Social Media Presence & Marketing

Social Media is a great way to communicate with current and potential clients in a sphere where they are comfortable. But this extra communication comes with some special challenges for attorneys. We can help you manage your processes completely, or simply get you set up to run them on your own.

Resource Utilization

Infrastructure and Security

Increasing and maximizing your office productivity requires attention to the overall set-up of your office computers, your network, and your support machines (like faxes, copiers, and shredders. Some of your biggest efficiency gains and security wins can come from preemptive planning and thoughtful utilization of resources. It’s difficult to back-up your data after a ransomware attack. However, it is difficult to back-up your data in the first place without scanning your client files.

Data Security

The security of your data and client information is a two-fold concern for most practices. First, you want to maintain the integrity and privacy of your information by keeping third-parties out, and second, you want to ensure that the important files and information you rely on every day is not lost or corrupted. Periodic data back-ups along with simulated network attacks and email virus education for your staff are a great starting point.

Data Back-ups

Remote Office

Maintaining or allowing for a remote workforce requires some initial planning, and some specific workforce management, but it’s a problem that has already been solved. Beyond remote desktop applications, you’ll want to plan for your incoming and outgoing mail, your fax machine messages, your office phone systems, and your client intake and meetings. You’ll also want to train your staff on some do’s and dont’s to maintain privacy and your privilege.  

Remote Office

Software Maintenance

The right software in its proper place can save your office loads of time and money. However, ill-fitting licenses, neglected updates, and hasty set-up can leech mcuh of that efficiency away over time. Using Home or Student editions of software can keep your office from realizing the potential of certain software or can require unbillable staff time to maintain. Through proper software maintenance, your office can better utilize what you’ve already bought.

Contact Us

Office Email

Using an email address like does not have to be an expensive endeavor, and can usually be done per user on a month-to-month basis. Additionally, you can continue to use familiar email providers like Google, or Microsoft Outlook. Many times, you can even create shared office mailboxed (like without added expense.

Office Email

Paperless Practice

Paperless Practice is obviously a misnomer for any attorney’s office. You have to print, you have to keep originals, and you have to send off physical mailings to people. Through scanning and digitization, however, you can not only bolster the security of your client information, but increase the pace at which you and your office interact with it.

Mastering your office

Legal Operations

When our offices are caught-up in the day-to-day of serving clients, it can be hard to make sure that we are doing so in an efficient and inexpensive manner. Utilizing downtime, making machines do work for you, and organizing your resources so you and your staff can access them more quickly are all simple and time-tested ways to increase your office’s productivity. Often, operations adjustments don’t even require a capital investment.

Files and Templates

Prior to automating tasks in your office, a lot of value can generally be gained by organizing your office filing system and your template management. Law firms run on templates and boiler-plate, and you don’t want to lose precious time every day fighting against your own organization.


You don’t have to use artificial intelligence, or robot assistants to take advantage of automation in your firm. Our offices are full of discrete repeatable tasks that can be set in motion by a human being, but performed by a computer in the background or when the office is not open. 

Disaster Preparedness

Redundant client file back-ups, Remote Office procedures and training, alternative communication mechanisms for your office. We’d all like to have this set-up prior to a disaster, but often, that is not the case. Our office is here to help you mitigate the damages, whether they have happened yet or not.


The time it takes thinking about how to do a task in your office would be better spent simply doing that task. Creation and utilization of workflows is essential to the proper operation of a law office. Although they require some pre-planning, they can usually be accomplished with minimal capital investment. 

Effective Support

Technical Support

Our office offers 24/7 email tech support, along with phone or video assistance during normal business hours in Central Standard Time. We assist on issues ranging from Case Management System set-up and integration, to MS Word and Apple Pages formatting.

Case Management Software

Our office is trained on some of the more popular and not-so-popular case management software in the marketplace. Whether you are looking to buy, set-up or just work out the kinks in a CMS system, we’re here to help.

Workforce Tools

Your office uses a lot of software to get things done. Although we can’t know everything, we try to stay on top of the latest small business and law office software so we can help you get things done.

Equipment Set-up

Using tools like on-line meetings, Remote Desktop access, and in-phone video chat, our support staff can generally help solve technical hardware problems without having to be physically present.