Online Notary Workflow

Although many jurisdictions have allowed online notarization for a few years now, it has not gained as much popularity as we might expect. Many people, understandably, prefer a “wet seal” when presenting official documents to others. However, there are more than just a few situations where a digital notarization may be the best course of action.

Below is a suggested work-flow for online notarization. As jurisdictions have differing requirements for validation, it would be best to conform these suggestions to the local policies and practices.

Client makes initial contact with the Firm.

Client sends document to Firm or Notary

Firm processes and prepares the document.

Client identity validated by Notary

Meeting begins between the parties

Meeting scheduled between client and Notary

Adobe Sign document shared with parties

Client signs document in view of Notary

Notary is informed that the client signed

Documents and video downloaded and distributed to parties

Notary affixes his or her seal to document

Notary validates the document